Kansas Deer Hunting

Kansas Deer Hunting Kansas Deer Hunting
Kansas Deer Hunting Kansas Deer Hunting

The Hashknife Ranch offers superior archery Whitetail hunting on thousands of contiguous acres of creek and river timber, pasture, and cropland. We supplement our excellent natural habitat with food plots and a regular protein supplement program to ensure the optimum development of the ranch's Whitetail herds, with bucks that often score 165+. We have strictly limited the number of hunters each year, allowed no rifle hunting for over 15 years, and no gun hunting at all for the last 7 years, so the large number of Whitetail deer on the ranch experience minimal hunting pressure.

For example, on any given evening in the summer months we frequently count over 200 head of deer on two alfalfa fields near the South End headquarters, and quite a number of these are heavy-antlered bucks that will score in excess of 155 P&Y. These fields are a tiny fraction of the available hunting acreage on the ranch.

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We offer only fully-guided hunts, and we place tree stands where the best opportunity of taking a deer exists. We have over 30 years of experience in monitoring the herds on the ranch, so we know the herd's habits and history. Hot spots change, however, so we move stand locations frequently. We can help you with techniques that have proven successful for other hunters on the property.

Our archery hunts include non-resident tag, experienced guide service, lodging, and evening meals. For more information about lodging and meals, check our accommodations page. Hunts run 6 days, from Sunday noon until the following Saturday at noon.

Please call or email for information about price and availability.

For more information about Kansas hunting regulations, check the Department of Wildlife and Parks web site. We comply with all Kansas hunting laws and regulations.